Вс. Май 29th, 2022
Occupants Illegally took More Than 2 Thousand Children from Ukraine to Russia in one day

On Saturday, March 19th, the occupant troops illegally deported 2389 children from temporarily occupied districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions to Russia, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported today, on March 21st.

“Forced deportation of civilian population, especially children, to the territory of aggressor state, should be qualified as kidnapping. Such actions are a ruthless violation of international law in general and international humanitarian law in particular”, the message says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that Russia first deprived the Ukrainian children of needed care by destroying their houses and killing their parents, and then exposed them to further danger in the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian diplomats called on the international community to immediately respond to the kidnapping and illegal deportation of children by increasing pressure on Russia in order to make the occupants stop the atrocious war against the Ukrainian nation.

“Similarly to many other crimes committed by the Russian occupants against the civilian population of Ukraine, the cases of children kidnapping are thoroughly documented by the law-enforcement agencies. The offenders will be prosecuted”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

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Occupants Illegally took More Than 2 Thousand Children from Ukraine to Russia in one day

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