Вс. Май 29th, 2022
Russian Occupants Kidnapped Reporters in Melitopol

In Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia Region, the occupants kidnapped four media reporters, according to the official Instagram page of local newspaper.

“The armed people broke into homes of Yuliia Olkhovska and Liubov Chaika, the reporters, Mykhailo Kumok, the publisher, and Yevheniia Borian, the editor of Melitopol Vedomosti newspaper, detained them and moved to an undisclosed location”, the message says.

The media representative added that the media’s website recently suffered a hacker attack and is currently down.

A daughter of the detained journalist, Tetiana Kumok, also confirmed the kidnapping of the media holding employees.

“This morning, the occupants kidnapped my father, Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Kumok. Before retirement, he was a member of MV Holding top management. The occupants probably attempt to coerce him into cooperation. As of now, we have no contact with the kidnapping victims. I also cannot contact my mom. The occupants’ vehicles are parked in front of my parents’ house”, Tetiana wrote in her Facebook post.

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Russian Occupants Kidnapped Reporters in Melitopol

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